GAP Online Produce Safety Course

Good Agriculture Practice Produce Safety Course

Upcoming dates:

March 4–24, 2015
April 8–28, 2015
May 6–26, 2015
July 15–August 4, 2015
October 7–27, 2015
November 4–24, 2015

This course is intended to improve your understanding of GAPs to guide assessment of risks and implementation of practices to reduce risks on fresh produce farms. Taking this course will not result in your farm being “GAPs Certified”. GAPs certification is done by a third party (e.g. USDA, Primus, Global GAP) and involves the successful completion of an on-farm audit.

A minimum of 10 people must be registered for us to offer the course and class size is limited to 25 people. The course price is $190.

Please contact Betsy Bihn ( or 315–787–2625) if you have any questions or concerns.
When registering for the course, you will be asked to enter a “Group Number”—enter G000107. (Please note that these are zeros and not the letter “O”).